Your love story is unique to you, and you deserve a photographer who can capture it in all its beauty. I'm a NYC wedding and film photographer who specializes in telling honest, cinematic stories of people in love. I'll follow you around the city, capturing your love in all its moments, from the intimate to the extravagant.





Cinematic storytelling for honest souls intertwined in romance.

I'm not just a photographer, I'm a romantic at heart. I believe that photography, especially film photography, is a highly expressive way to tell stories, and I want to help you create memories that will last a lifetime. I'm passionate about capturing the dreaminess and beauty of your love, and I'm excited to help you tell your story in New York City.

I'm Brittany Melissa, a love photographer living in New York City. 



I believe all love stories are worth telling in a way that portrays the couple for who they truly are. No two couples are the same, so why should they be photographed like it? Let’s stop going after trends and start creating art that will make you feel the love through the image. As a photographer, I come alongside you and document your love story through my lens.

Your love story is unique, your images should be too.

I believe in telling stories in an honest way that is true to you and your lover.